Step 1: Firstly, to understand how to create and export playlists, please see our How to create and export video playlists help-guide. 

Step 2: Using your iPad’s web browser, visit the website. 

Step 3: On the homepage of the website, select ‘Send a file?’

Step 4: Select the ‘+’ icon to add your files. 

Step 5: Select ‘Photo Library’ and choose the videos that you wish to transfer.

Step 6: When you have added your files, you can also accompany them with a message. Following this, select ‘Next’.

Step 7: Choose ‘Send an email’ and select ‘Next’. 

Step 8: Enter in your email address and the email addresses that you wish to transfer files to and then transfer. 

Step 9: Your video will begin to transfer and once completed you will be notified as shown below. 

Step 10: The sender of the file transfer will receive an email confirmation, whilst the receiver will receive an email with a link to download the file that has been transferred as shown below. 

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