How to create and export video playlists
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Video/s used in your playlist must be LOCAL (physically on the iPad) to be able to export playlists to your camera roll.

  1. "Export Video" button will only appear if the videos used to create the playlist are local videos and synced to your game data.

  2. From the dashboard menu select “Games”. Tap on the desired game.

2. Tap on the “Filter” button in the top right corner of the screen to select events you wish to view. 

3. To select an event to add to a playlist, tap on the black circle icon which is located on the right hand side of the event underneath the small video player. Once selected, a tick will appear inside the circle to show that it is selected. 

4. Once all of the desired events are selected, tap on the action button on the top right corner of the screen. A list of actions will appear. Tap on “Add To Playlist”.  

5. If you would like to add the selected events to a current playlist, scroll through the playlists and select it. Otherwise enter the name of the playlist in the “New Playlist” textbox. An add button will appear. Tap on “Add” once happy with the name of the playlist. Tap "Done". 

6. To view a playlist, return to dashboard and select “Playlists”. Here you will find a list of playlists that you have created. 

7. To export a playlist tap on the desired playlist. Tap on the action button on the top right corner. A list of actions will appear. Select “Export Video” (this button will only appear if the video/s used in the playlist are local videos). The video will export with the progress shown in the middle of the screen. 

8. Once successful, the exported playlist will be in your iPads' photos and videos library.

9. To delete a playlist, swipe to the left on the playlist you would like to delete. A delete button will appear in red. Tap on "Delete".  

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