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How to leave a comment on a game - as an analyst and as a player
How to leave a comment on a game - as an analyst and as a player
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1. When logged into Performa Sports, select ‘Games’.

2. Select the game you wish to make a comment on.

3. To publish a comment for everyone to see, write your comment in the space provided and click ‘enter’. Your comment will then become visible under the video in the comments section.

4. To make private comments to players, click the dropdown box and select the player you want to message.

5. Type your comment to the chosen player and click ‘enter’.

6. The same process can also be followed on the ‘Playlists’ page and comments can be posted. Permissions on who can access the playlist can be made under the ‘permissions’ section by analysts. You can restrict or allow access to who can see the playlist and the comments.

7. For players, they can follow the same process in writing comments and replying to private messages. Players might prefer to use their phone to view Performa Sports and below is an example of a player writing a comment using their iPhone.

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