How to import video through dropbox on your iPad
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1. From the app store on your iPad search for "Dropbox". From the search results find the "Dropbox" app as shown below and download the app by tapping on "Get".

2. Open the dropbox app on your iPad and locate your video.

3. Once you have selected your video tap on the "More Options" button in the top right corner followed by "Export".

4. Now tap on "Save Video". Your video will now download to your camera roll.

5. A progress bar will indicate how long the video will take to download.

6. Once completed, return to the Performa Sports App and select "Videos" from the main dashboard menu.

7. Tap on the "+" icon and select "Camera Roll" from the dropdown menu.

8. Locate and tap on the video you wish to import.

9. Now tap on "Use" to import the video.

10. Your video will now compress and will be saved to your local videos in the Performa Sports App.

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