1. Ensure your DVD is placed in the disk drive.

2. Open up VideoProc and when it displays, select ‘DVD’.

3. Next, the DVD file needs to be copied across into the VideoProc platform. This can be achieved in two ways:

A. Drag the file into the app.

B. Select ‘Disc’ and choose the file to be copied across into VideoProc.

4. When the video has been copied into VideoProc, the screen will look similar to below. From here, the user can check the format of the video file by selecting ‘Codec & Format’, give the new video file a title by selecting ‘Rename’ or merge video files into one video if there is more than one clip. *MP4 is recommended as the target format.*

5. Ensure these selections below are ticked/unticked as recommended and select ‘Browse’ to decide where you want the video file to be stored.

6. Click ‘Run’ located in the bottom right corner.

7. Your file will begin to convert and an information screen like below will appear until the file has been converted.

8. When the video file has been converted, the computer will open up the folder where the file has been saved.

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