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Why is the game data on my iPad app but not showing on my online account?
Why is the game data on my iPad app but not showing on my online account?

When you have game data on your iPad but the game data is not showing online. This is a helpful guide to fix the issue for you.

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Due to a combination of offline - online syncing and poor wifi connection the iPad app can be interrupted trying to push game data from your iPad to your online account. For example, 400 events for a game on your iPad but 350 events showing online. You will first notice an amber line next to an event within the game section highlighting that this event is due to be synced online (see screen shot below).

Our first recommendation is to use the refresh icon (circular arrow, bottom left on the main iPad app dashboard) to help force a push of this data online. Sometimes this can take a few attempts to successfully push (over a stable wifi connection).

However, if the above fails to work for you, we have another solution for you. First, export the “game data to iTunes” of the game in question - this will save a local copy of the game data within the iTunes folder on your device. Next step is to import the game over a wifi connection, therefore, creating a new game. Once created this will push all of this game data online and you can then remove the original game from your device.

After importing the game, the scoreline will appear temporarily and then disappear. To update the scoreline, simply sync the game with any video and then tap on any event which affects the scoreboard - tap on the events notification bar (along the top of the screen) and then tap on the other or the player's name involved in the event and then tap on “Done”. This will update the scoreline for you.

Please note If you have created Playlists using the original game and it is now deleted that these events will no longer be available within that Playlist, so best to recreate your Playlist based on the new imported game. Before removing original Playlist you can email the game data which will give you a list of the events within the Playlist with the times, that you can use as a reference when re-creating your Playlists.

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