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How to add video to your Performa Sports iPad app via iTunes (Windows)
How to add video to your Performa Sports iPad app via iTunes (Windows)
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1. Connect your iPad to your computer using a USB power cable.

2. Ensure you have iTunes downloaded. (Click here to download -

3. Open iTunes on your windows computer. This can be done by selecting the iTunes icon or searching for it in the Windows search bar.

4. Once connected and the App opened, an iPad symbol will appear near the top left corner of iTunes. Click this icon and a screen will appear with the information of your iPad.

5. Click on File Sharing which can be found on the left hand side of iTunes under Settings.

6. Under File Sharing, locate Performa Sports in the section called Apps. Click the Performa Sports Logo.

7. You will now see any documents that are in Performa Sports under the heading PerformaSports Documents adjacent to the Apps folder.

8a. To add a video to your iPad, simply drag a video and drop it over the PerformaSports Documents.

8b. Alternatively, you can also select ‘Add File’ which will bring up your list of documents where you can then select the video that you want to transfer onto your iPad.

9. Your video is now being copied into your Performa Sports iPad app.

Once the video has fully copied across, it will be viewable in the Performa Sports app on your iPad. This will be in the Videos section, listed under 'Local Videos.' Local means that the video is stored on the iPad and can be played with or without wifi.

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