If you tag a game and the scoreline remains as similar to below, the scoreboard option on your scoring Key Performance Indicators are incorrect/’Nil’. This guide will show you how to rectify this problem.

1. When on the main dashboard, select the settings button which is located in the top-left corner of your screen.

2. Select ‘Event Templates’.

3. Select ‘Edit’.

4. Select the template that you use.

5. The relevant Key Performance Indicators need to be fixed to ensure that points and goals are recorded as score changing events.

6. After selecting the relevant Key Performance Indicator, select the Outcome which changes the scoreline.

7. Ensure the scoreboard is correct for points (1) and goals (3) and save each outcome change before exiting. 

8. This will be the problem solved for future games. For recent games, the problem can be fixed by retagging the event in post-game analysis.

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