PSR (Performa Sports Rating) is a subjective scoring system that you can apply to each event that you tag. The scoring ranges from +3 to -3 and a number can be selected based on the importance of the event. For example, a goal can be credited with a PSR rating of 3 due to the positiveness of the event and an own goal can be given a rating of -3 due to it being negative. Players can be set a PSR target before a game and a player will then be given a PSR rating based on the KPIs they have been tagged with.

How do you set players a PSR target?

1. Select ‘Teams’ on the main dashboard.

2. Select your team.

3. To select a PSR target for a player, select the player and then the settings icon located in the top-right corner. 

4.  Click ‘PSR target’ and a drop-down list will appear. From here, choose your players target rating and click save.

PSR target ratings can also be set in the pre-game set up of a match. When in team selection, select a player, then PSR target and from here you choose the players target for the game.

How do you see a player's PSR score for a match?

A. Go into the game for which you want to identify performance and PSR ratings.

B. Select ‘Team Lineup’’.

C. A team sheet will appear giving the PSR ratings of each player. 

  • If the player scores 0-50% of the target score, they will be in the red.

  • If the player scores 50-79% of the target score, they will be in the amber.

  • If the player scores 80+% of the target score, they will be in the green (like the players in the image below).

Please note that we do not store shirt numbers per game, so the latest game will show the latest shirt numbers. Older games will show the latest shirt number changes.

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