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Best video settings for uploading onto the Performa Sports online cloud platform and viewing on the iPad app

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At Performa Sports our analysts use Any Video Converter or VideoProc to help format videos to optimise them for uploading onto the Performa Sports online cloud platform. Any Video Converter is a free desktop application, whilst VideoProc is our preferred software, it does come at a price. Other desktop applications are available for encoding videos but please use this guide below as a reference to any video conversion software you are using.

TIP: We recommend that videos uploaded onto the Performa Sports online cloud platform be below 5gb. To help keep your file size minimal, remove/trim any pre-match, half-time and post-game footage from the video.

Most default video players will allow you to produce this basic editing function. Please follow the instructions provided on how this is done via Mac’s standard video player, QuickTime Player.

Step 1: Select ‘Edit’.

Step 2: Select ‘Trim’ from the dropdown list.

Step 3: Using your cursor, create a new start and end of your video by dragging the yellow bookends. Ensure you haven’t skipped the referee’s first and final whistle and then select ‘Trim’. Save this shorter video before exporting it into Any Video Converter or VideoProc.

Below is our recommended video settings that you should follow when using video formatting software:

Video format - Recommended to use MP4 (h.264 codec).

Video resolutions - Recommended to use 1080p which has 1920 x 1080 dimensions or 720p which has 1080 x 720 dimensions. Both video formats will produce HD video that will work on both our iPad App and online.

Video Codec - This is the software that compresses digital videos and produces a new video format. Compressing videos is required to create smaller file sizes, however, it means that some information from the original format is lost. To make this loss minimal, it is recommended that video codec H264 is used.

Frame Rate - Common frame rates include: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50 & 60 frames per second. Videos should also be encoded and uploaded to the online platform using the frame rate that was used during recording.

Bitrate - This is the number of bits per second that your video is transmitted along a digital network. For the recommended 1080p resolutions, the bitrate of your video should be between 3500 - 5000kbps.

How to achieve these settings once you have your video added to Any Video Converter:

Step 1: Under profile select Custom Youtube H264 1080p.

Step 2: Then select the icon displaying the profile.

Step 3: Ensure your video settings are similar to the recommendations above and in the image below. Before selecting ‘OK’, you can also save your settings as a custom profile by selecting ‘Save to Custom Profile’ which means these settings will be saved to a profile without having to do this manual task over-and-over again.

Step 4: Your video will now be ready to be converted once you have chosen your videos Output Location.

How to achieve these settings once you have your video added to VideoProc:

Step 1: Select the default video settings and select the cogwheel to view the video settings.

Step 2: Match the video format settings found above in this article or in the image below and apply.

Step 3: Select ‘Use High Quality Engine’ and your output location before clicking ‘Run’ to convert your video. You can also enable ‘Auto Copy’ which will retain full video and audio quality, however it will leave a larger file than if you do not select it.

An example of a good video that has followed the recommended settings on the iPad app:

An example of a video that has not followed the recommended settings, easily highlighted by the incorrect dimensions which is shown by the black parameter around the video:

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