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How to share your iPad onto a TV or projector
How to share your iPad onto a TV or projector
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Using Apple’s Digital AV Adapter and an HDMI cable, this can connect your iPad to your TV.

For connecting with TVs:

Step 1: Connect an HDMI cable with your HDMI TV Port and the Digital AV Adapter. 

Step 2: Connect the adapter with your iPad. 

Step 3: Select the correct HDMI source on your TV and your screen will mirror that of the iPad.

For connecting with projectors:

Repeat the same process, only this time connecting the HDMI cable with the projector rather than the TV. 

A VGA Adapter and cable can also be used to mirror what is displayed on your iPads screen with your projector. The process is similar to connecting your iPad with an HDMI cable and AV Adapter, only the components are different. 

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