1. When a player first logs in, the data and video are restricted by default. This is what they will see unless changed otherwise.

2. They can filter through analytics over a period of time/games. 

3. They can click into "Games" from the menu on the left hand side and the player will see any games they have been tagged in. 

4. When viewing a game, players can filter through the events or outcomes from the dropdown menu. They can leave a private message for their coaches or leave a message for everyone to see. 

5. They can switch to the "Analytics" tab and view player statistics via interactive charts. 

6. To see any playlists that they have been invited to, they can click on "Playlists" from the menu on the left hand side and watch. 

7. They can watch clips within the playlist and leave comments to start a discussion with the management team or team mates. 

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