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How to export a video and upload to Performa Sports
How to export a video and upload to Performa Sports

Export a playlist/Video and uploading it to Performa Sports to share as a private link

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1. From the main dashboard menu select “Playlists”. Here you will find a list of playlists that you have created.

2. To export a playlist tap on the desired playlist. Tap on the action button on the top right corner. A list of actions will appear. Select “Export Video”. The video will export with the progress shown in the middle of the screen. 

3. Once successful, view the exported playlist in your iPads photos and videos library. Tap on the action button on the video file which is located in the top right corner. 

4. Your MAC will appear under the video as long as bluetooth is turned on both devices. Tap on the MAC device that appears here. Your file will now be transferred.

5. Open google chrome on your PC or Mac.

6. Type into the search bar.

7. Sign in using your login details. It will be the same as your iPad login.

8. Click on video symbol along the right hand side of the page or open the menu using the double sided arrow icon to see the list of options.

9. Click on “Select video to upload” button. Locate the video from your saved files and click open on the bottom right corner of this window. Click on “Upload video” button. 

10. A processing bar will appear to let you know the video is being uploaded. Note: do not close this page as upload will cancel. 

11. Once your video has processed you will be able to watch it here. 

12. Now click into the you want to share. Above the video on the right hand side click on "Share".  Change the permission setting to "Public" and copy and paste the link to send it. 

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