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How to set up the Hague Highshot Camera Mast with Manual Pan & Tilt
How to set up the Hague Highshot Camera Mast with Manual Pan & Tilt
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For video tutorial please follow this link -

1. Extend the legs so they are flat on the ground and raise the mast off the ground and tighten. 

2. Insert the tripod head into the top of the tripod and tighten.

3. Slide the camera into the tripod head and tighten.

4. Insert the HDMI cable and the Remote cable into the camera.

5. Now put the pulley head around the screw on the tripod head. 

6. Now tighten the pulley to keep it in place. 

7. Now ensure your camera is on as you will start to raise your mast to your desired height. Raise each section of the mast that you need and tighten. 

8. Now attach your handle to the mast at your desired height and tighten. 

9. Now attach your remote to the handle. 

10. Now insert the pulley inside the spacer on the handle and tighten. Adjust the pulley to ensure the camera is positioned correctly. 

11. Now attach the clamp that your monitor will connect to.

12. Screw your monitor onto the clamp until secure. 

13. Now insert the other end of the HDMI into the “IN” port on your monitor. 

14. Similarly insert the remote cable into your remote. 

Note: Be careful when releasing pulley to take the mast down. Pull handle upwards and release pulley slowly as camera head can drop quickly.

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