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How to configure your camera and output settings using a Canon G25
How to configure your camera and output settings using a Canon G25

How to record at a higher or lower quality for different file sizes

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1. To change your video settings you must select the "M" setting which is found on top of your camera on the right hand side. 

2. On your camera's LCD screen tap on "FUNC" in the top left corner. 

3. Now tap on "MENU". 

4. To change the video quality or to change the file size output, tap on the video settings icon which is found in the middle of the three icons along the top of the screen. Then scroll down the list and tap on the textbox beside "Recording Mode". 

5. For the highest quality of video but a larger file size tap on "MXP" (24 Mbps).

6. For the lowest quality of video with a small file size tap on "LP" (5 Mbps).

7. If you're using the video for feedback at halftime we recommend using 5 Mbps. See How to import video at halftime for more information. 

8. Here is a list of file sizes as an example:

  • 60 minute video;
    - 24 Mbps (MXP) - 8.64GB
    - 17 Mbps (FXP) - 6.12GB
    - 12 Mbps (XP+) - 4.32GB
    - 7 Mbps (SP) - 2.52GB
    - 5 Mbps (LP) - 1.8GB

  • 70 minute video;
    - 24 Mbps (MXP) - 10.08GB
    - 17 Mbps (FXP) - 7.14GB
    - 12 Mbps (XP+) - 5.04GB
    - 7 Mbps (SP) - 2.94GB
    - 5 Mbps (LP) - 2.1GB

  • 90 minute video;
    - 24 Mbps (MXP) - 12.96GB
    - 17 Mbps (FXP) - 9.18GB
    - 12 Mbps (XP+) - 6.48GB
    - 7 Mbps (SP) - 3.78GB
    - 5 Mbps (LP) - 2.7GB

9. We recommend using 17 or 24 Mbps if you are not showing video at half time as this keeps the video quality high. We also merge our first and second halves together after the game which reduces the file size down to a more manageable 1-4GB. See how to merge files for more information. 

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