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How long does it take to upload a video?
How long does it take to upload a video?

Check how long your video may take to upload to your online platform based on your internet speed and size of the file you have.

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1. Firstly to check the speed of your internet connection, click on the following link - Online Speed Test.

2. Click on "Go" to begin your speed test. 

3. The test will now commence. Once completed your results will appear as shown below. Keep note of your upload speed number for the next step.  

4. Now Find out the size of your video file and click on the following link - Upload Calculation Time.

5. Enter the Upload speed number from the previous test and then the size of your video. Our example shows an upload speed of 5.67 with video size of 2GB. Then click on "Calculate". Your results will appear below. 

6. Once you're uploading your video to Performa Sports using Google Chrome, a progress completion % will appear in the bottom left corner of the browser. 

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