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How to import video at half time using an SD card reader
How to import video at half time using an SD card reader

How to import your video at half time and sync the video to your first half game data using an SD card reader

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If you did not live tag, please continue to #2.

1. Once your first half has ended tap on the end the first half and tap on the "Home" button. 

2. Connect your SD Card reader adapter to your iPad and insert the SD card from your camera.  

3. Your video will now appear on your iPad. Select the video you wish to import. Then tap on "Import" in the top right corner, followed by "Import Selected".  

4. You will have the option to delete the video or keep the video on your camera roll. You can delete this at a later time if you need to. 

5. Return to the Performa Sports App and select "Videos". 

6. Tap on the + symbol above your list of videos and select "Camera Roll". 

7. Select your video that you have just imported from your SD Card. 

8. Now tap on "Use". This will begin the import from your camera roll to Performa Sports. If you did not tag live, you can start to review your video. 

9. Tap on the video that you've just imported and tap "Sync With Game" which is found underneath the small video player. 

10. From the events menu, tap on "Select Game". 

11. Select the year the game was played.  

12. Select the game that you've been tagging live. 

13. Tap on "Game Periods". 

14. Tap on "1st Half". 

15. Use the playback features to find the start of your game. Tap on "Sync Period" to match up the game data to the video. You can review all the data you tracked in the first half linked to your video. 

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