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Creating a new game to live tag
Creating a new game to live tag

How to create a new game to set up your team and tag live.

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1. To create a new game tap on the + symbol from the main dashboard menu and select "New Game".

2. Enter the details of the match including the opposition. Then ensure the correct event template has been selected and the game periods are set to the correct time. Once ready, tap on "Create". 

3. To change a player from the starting line-up tap on the players picture or name. This will show the players profile and all their statistics. To change this player with another player on the team tap on “Select Player” on the top left corner of the panel and tap on the player you want to change with. You can scroll down through your list.

4. To change a player number tap on the desired player. Tap on the number on the top right corner of the panel. This will show a list of all your players and simply scroll down to the number you wish the selected player to have and tap "Done".  

5. To confirm team selection and progress to the live tagging screen, tap on “Confirm Team Selection” and select "Confirm". 

6. To start live tagging tap on "Start Game" at the top of your screen. You are waiting for when the referee starts the game so your video and stats match up correctly. 

7. Single tap for your own team and the event will turn green. Once an event is selected, the outcomes will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Use your right thumb to tap on the outcome as it happens. 

8. Double tap an event to track the oppositions events. The event will turn blue. The outcomes will appear on the right hand side once selected.

9. Then tap the player number that the outcome belongs to by using either thumb depending on the location of the number on the screen. As each event is tracked they will appear in the middle of the screen in order of when they were tracked as each event is timestamped.

10. At any point a mistake is made or you would like to edit an event, tap on the “Edit” button which is located above the list of timestamped events along the middle of the screen. 

11. Once selected you can tap any event that has been tracked by simply scrolling down the list. In order to begin tagging again you must tap on the “Done” button where the Edit button previously appeared. 

12. If you wish to delete an event tap on the red icon on the left hand side of the listed events. Then tap on the "Delete" button that appears on the right hand side of the selected event. 

13. At any point you can review the statistics that have been tracked. To do this tap on the timer along the top of the screen. This brings a menu of four options. Select “Review” to view your statistics.

14. Here you can see the statistics represented in bar graphs. To view the outcome of these events tap on the bar graph of the event you wish to view. To view the player that was credited to the outcome, tap on an outcome and you will see the player credited to the outcome.

15. These can be presented in numbers or percentages. This can be changed by tapping on either the icon “123” of “%” which is located directly below the timer at the top of the screen. 

16. If you are viewing the statistics during the second half, you can filter the events by game interval. This is done by tapping on the word “Full Game” which is located just below the oppositions team name. Then tap on the desired game interval.

17. To exit to graph view and return to the live tagging screen, tap on the timer at the top of the screen and select “Back to game”.

18. To end the 1st half tap on the timer and select “End 1st Half”. Then select “yes”. 

19. This will bring you to the graph view to view the stats from the first half.

20. To begin the second half tap on the timer and select “Start 2nd Half”.

21. To make a substitute tap on the “Sub” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen then select the number of the player coming off. A panel of the players on the bench will appear and simply scroll down to the desired player and tap "Done". When you have no more substitutes to make tap on the “Sub” button again which will take you into the live tagging view again.

22. To end the 2nd half or end the game tap on the timer and select “End 2nd Half” or “Full-Time”.

23. To exit the graph view tap on the timer and select "Save and Exit".

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