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Creating/Editing your event template
Creating/Editing your event template

How to create or edit an event template.

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1. From the main dashboard menu, tap on the settings icon in the top left corner of your screen. 

2. Tap on "Event Templates" from the settings menu. 

3. Tap on "edit" in the top right corner of the event template menu. 

4. To create a new template tap on the "New Template" text box and enter the name of your template. Tap on "Add" to create the template. To edit our existing template tap on our "Default Sport" template. 

5. Now tap on the "New Event" text box and type the name of your event. E.g. Shot from play, and then tap "Add". 

6. Now tap on the "New Outcome" text box and type the name of the event. E.g. Point, and then tap "Add". 

7. To finish setting up your outcome you assign it to the team you want to credit the outcome with. For most outcomes "Home" will be the selection although it can be "Opposition" if your outcome relates to an opposition player. Then select how many "Points for action" is required. This affects the scoreboard so only events that require the scoreboard to change needs this changed from 0. Now select whether you want to activate the live or post game pitch location. Finally, if pitch location has been activated select a colour for this outcome. If no colour is selected, then the colour will default to the Performa Sports colours or the colour you have selected as your primary or secondary team colour. Then tap on "Save". 

8. Repeat the same process if you wish to add more outcomes. Once you're finished tap on "Save". 

9. Repeat the same process if you wish to add more events. You can have up to 8 for live game tagging and unlimited for post-game tagging. Once you're finished tap on "Save". 

10. Tap on "Save" again to save your template. 

11. Now tap on your template that you wish to be selected. A tick will show which template is currently selected. Then tap on "Settings" to return to the main dashboard menu. 

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