You can share your exported video playlist from your iPad using Airdrop to share onto your iPhone to share via a WhatsApp message. To share video via Airdrop, use this link to guide. 

1. Firstly download the WhatsApp web app on your iPad from the App store. Search WhatsApp for iPad and download the app. 

2. Tap on the WhatsApp icon on your iPad.

3. Tap into the conversation you wish to send the video file to.

4. Tap on the paper clip icon in the top right corner of the conversation and a drop down menu will appear. Tap on the purple icon with a picture inside it. Now tap on “Photo Library”. 

5. Now tap on “Videos”.

6. Now tap on the video you wish to send. NOTE: there is a limit of 30-35 seconds that can be sent through this process. See how to airdrop to your phone to upload larger files to WhatsApp. Select the video you want and tap on “Done”. 

7. Add a comment underneath the video or tap on the green arrow at the bottom right corner of the conversation. Your video will now be uploaded.  

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