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How to upload a video online
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1. Login to your Performa Sports account via google chrome, safari or firefox browser.

2. Type into the search bar.

3. Sign in using your login details. It will be the same as your iPad login.

4. Click on video symbol along the right hand side of the page or open the menu using the double sided arrow icon to see the list of options.

5. Click on “Select video to upload” button. Locate the video from your saved files and click open on the bottom right corner of this window. Click on “Upload video” button. 

6. A processing bar will appear to let you know the video is being uploaded. Note: do not close this page as upload will cancel. 

7. Once uploaded your video will appear on this page. 

8. To rename the video, click into the video you wish to rename.

9. Click on the blue squared icon with a pencil in it. Found directly below the video. 

10. Rename video and click on the tick to save or the X to cancel any changes. 

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