Custom Playlist Editor
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1. From the dashboard menu, select videos. 

2. Tap on the desired video. Note: Video must be synced with game data to create playlist. Tap on Post-Game analysis. 

3. Select “Playlists” from the events menu and select the desired playlist from the list. 

4. To edit the length of an individual clip, tap on clip you wish to edit then tap on the blue circle icon with an arrow pointing right. 

5. Activate the custom pre and post-roll by tapping on the white circle icon. Play the video or slide the scrubber left or right to change the Pre-roll. Once you've decided on the start time, tap on “Set Pre-Roll” from the events menu. 

6. Now select “Post-roll” from the events menu. Play the video or use the scrubber to find where you would like the clip to stop. Once you've decided on the end time, tap on “Set Post-Roll” in the events menu. 

7. Tap on the arrow in the top left corner to save changes and return to the playlist.

8. To rearrange the order of the clips in the playlist press and hold on the icon on the right hand side of the event. Slide your finger up or down to place the clip in the desired order. 

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