How to sync a local video to a game
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1. To sync your video, select "Videos" from the dashboard menu on your iPad.

2. Select the video you wish to sync.

3. Tap on Sync With Game which is found underneath the small video player. (If you did not tag live please continue to #5)

4. An Events Menu will now appear. Firstly tap on “Select Game” from the menu. (Please continue #7)

5. An Events Menu will now appear. Firstly tap on “New Game” which is found under the heading “Video Sync”.

6. Create the game details of your game and tap on create. (Please continue to #9)

7. Select the year in which the game was played.

8. Locate the game you wish to sync the video with.

9. Now select Game Periods. 

10. Select the 1st game period of the match.

11. Play the video until you find the start of the game. You can use the scrubber along the bottom of the video to pin point a time on the video or use the 5 second jump icons to jump forward or back 5 seconds. Double tap or triple tap these buttons to jump 10 or 15 seconds . Once you’ve found the start of the game tap on the “Sync Period” button.

12. Now select the 2nd game period.

13. Play the video to find where the referee starts the 2nd period of the match. Once found, tap on “Sync Period”. 

14. The status of the video will now be Synced showing a green icon beside the status.

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